About & Team

For us, Jikoni is an extension of our home, and we would very much like you to feel at home with us –  a place where you can come by and eat, drink, do a little work or spend time relaxing with friends and family.

Our menu is inspired by our mixed heritage, our travels and by London – the city we love and live in. We also celebrate the legacy of the many maternal figures who shared their kitchen wisdom with us, so we hope you find the food soothing and nourishing.

At Jikoni, you can reserve a table in our dining room or, if you prefer, you can dine at the counter or our kitchen table downstairs, overlooking our open kitchen.

Joining the Jikoni Team
To join our family send your CV and a few lines about yourself, what makes you tick and your favourite food to: team@jikonilondon.com

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